Dear Community,

In order for dentistry to do its part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the American Dental Association is recommending dentists nationwide to postpone elective procedures for the next three weeks. We have been asked to concentrate on emergency dental care: those with pain, broken teeth, and infections, to alleviate the burden that dental emergencies would place on the hospital emergency departments. We are canceling all elective procedures.

We will remain open to better serve any of you in pain or with infections:

  1. Broken teeth
  2. Dental pain
  3. Joint / jaw pain
  4. Infections

New COVID-19 protocols we will follow:

  1. One patient per hour to continue with social distancing.
  2. Complete a COVID-19 questionnaire to better isolate cases which should be rescheduled.
  3. We ask that anyone entering the office please wash or sanitize their hands; we will provide soap, water, and hand sanitizer.
  4. We will be recording everyone’s temperature; anyone with a temperature of 99.5 degrees will be rescheduled.
  5. We will also reappoint you if you have traveled outside of the US since March 5th.

Stay safe everyone! We are here to serve our community and will keep you updated as we learn more.

Dr Jennifer Dillon

P.S. Our tentative office hours will be 8AM-4PM. Dr. Dillon will be available for emergencies only from 10Am-2PM.

Decatur Smiles

is a modern family dental practice in the heart of downtown Decatur, Georgia. We work with both adults and children to provide the finest general dentistry care possible.

We offer a variety of services including crown and bridge work, implants, Invisalign, laser dental therapy, dentures, whitening, and a lot more. Our comprehensive examination includes digital radiography, annual periodontal examination, oral cancer screenings at every appointment, and cleaning that will leave you feeling your best.

Please get in touch to let us know what you need!

We take walk-ins, but if you are able to — please call ahead to give us a heads up!
We take almost all PPOs, and we make our services and pricing as transparent as we can.
Downtown Decatur, at 144 South Columbia Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30030.
We also have a Norcross location called Horizon Dental.
We take cash, check, all popular credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, even AMEX), Apple Pay, Android Pay, and PayPal Credit.
We work hard to make your dental work affordable by offering payment plans and transparent pricing. We offer discounts on pre-pay, in-house "four month plan" financing, and dental Care Credit. Please make an appointment or reach out to us for accurate pricing.

Meet the Staff!

Laura Costanza — Front Office

“Believes if you are grouchy, irritable, or just plain mean then there should be a $10 charge for putting up with you.”

Trish Sauers — Assistant

Only listens to Rock N Roll, Justin Beiber and the weather. Nickname: Doppler

Dr. Dillon

Terrible at texting. “Dear Autocorrect, I am getting a bit tired of your shirt.”

Jaime Clay — Hygienist

Her Patronus is a dolphin. She's a Hufflepuff. Always reads the last chapter of every book first. Spoiler alert!

Kelley Buice — Assistant

The Movie Buff! No movies, no life. Know movies, know life.

Lindsey Howard — Front office

Started college this year, but unable to quit as she is currently too legit!

Carolyn Papineau — Front office

Carolyn believes if you don't have anytihng nice to say, then you shouldn't say anything at all... she still hasn't said a word #shy

Jennifer Maclin — Hygienist

Has a therapist. Her name is Music. Music is life. That's why our hearts have beats.

Dr. Jennifer Dillon

Dr. Jennifer Dillon grew a strong compassion for dentistry, having been a problematic patient herself. After years in braces and orthognathic surgery, Dr. Dillon truly understands what it’s like to be on the patient’s side of the chair, and is fully committed to being the most patient-friendly dentist she can be.

Dr. Dillon received her undergraduate degree in chemistry and biology from University of the Cumberlands, a small private school in Williamsburg, KY and then graduated with a Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in Kentucky. Dr. Dillon practiced in Corbin, KY before her new home in Decatur, Georgia.

Ever since graduation, Dr. Dillon has made a commitment to provide the highest level of care in the gentlest manner possible along with a desire to make her patients feel entirely at ease.

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